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 Baghouse Duct Design dot Comô

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Baghouse Duct Design dot Comô

Golden Eagle Technologies, LLC

Air Pollution Control Equipment , Instrumentation and Ducting
Dry Bulk Material Metering , Conveying and Storage
Air Pollution Control Equipment Sizing, Duct Design, and System Advisement
Worldwide demand for Baghouse Duct and Air Pollution Control System Design Support Services has inspired the formation of Baghouse Duct Design dot Comô. For a small fee we will; fit appropriate capture hoods, select the proper air flows and suggest a proper duct layout. We also select duct diameters for proper velocities and calculate the resulting system pressure drop to assure a proper fan selection at your altitude. Onsite inspection and analytical services available.

We continue to offer new equipment sizing and retrofit solutions for air pollution control systems as a free service, as required to quote appropriate equipment from the principals we represent. For those seeking assistance in applying used equipment or other such cases where we are not able to offer equipment for sale, you now have the option of proceeding with the assistance of Baghouse Duct Design dot Comô.

Retrofits to existing systems our specialty. Sometimes, through minor fan speed changes, and re design of system duct, we can make a dysfunctional system function.
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