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We are proud to represent the below equipment manufactures as an exclusive representative

Lowest Pressure Drop Baghouses on the market. Cartridge Collectors, and Cyclones too.
Located in the Chicago area, with their own fabrication facility to meet your delivery requirments.
Scientific Dust Collector
Vibra screw
Vibra screw, for the finest volumetric and loss in weight screw feeders. Robust mineral processing designs as well as sanitary for food and pharmaceuticals. Live Bin Bottoms help discharge difficult materials from bins and silos. Bulk Bag Loaders and Unloaders available. Custom Engineered and build in New Jersey since 1955.
Continuous Emission Monitoring ( CEMS ) , for EPA compliance monitoring of; Laser Opacity, CO2 , O2 , SO2 , NOx , CO , NH4 , Hg and hydrocarbons. Specialized instruments also developed for the petrochemical industry for the optimization of refining and fuel blend processes.

Golden Eagle Technologies, LLC

Air Pollution Control Equipment , Instrumentation and Ducting
Dry Bulk Material Metering , Conveying and Storage
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 Damper Technology Ltd.
Damper Technology is a manufacturer of industrial heavy duty dampers, custom built to your specifications. Our dampers are utilized to control process gases, by: modulation, on-off, or shut-off services. Key markets include Power Generation, Mining & Metals, Petroleum, Cement Pyro-processing, Petrochemical, Waste Heat Recovery, Gas Turbine HRSG bypass and other industries. We offer dampers of the following design: Butterfly, Louver, Guillotine, Diverter, Variable Inlet Vane, Sulfuric Acid Duty, Stack Dampers and can design / manufacture to any custom requirements.

We are proud to represent the below equipment through a marketing agreement or dealership contract. Please contact me direct for these products so I may be included in providing you with a successful solution.

Unique Vertical Screw, manufactured in Maine, USA. The screw is stationary and the outer casing is spun. Gentle lifting action great for abrasive dusts and friable materials. Doubles as a volumetric feeder. Replace Bucket Elevators with this simple solution. Please contact us direct for this product, to assure that we are included in providing a successful solution.
Olds Elevator
United Air Specialists
Manufactures The Smog-Hog an electrostatic precipitator for oil mists, as well as a superb Shaker Fabric Dust Collector. The Weld Fume extraction products are award winning. Please contact us direct for this product, to assure that we are included in providing a successful solution.
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KB Duct
KB Duct custom fabricates snap clamp quick fitting duct in their shops in UT and NC. They include stainless steel clamps as standard, and are adept at fabricating custom hoods and transitions. Please contact us direct for this product, to assure that we are included in providing a successful solution.
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 Triple/S Dynamics
A long standing Texas manufacturer providing the latest in screen technology. Horizontal Slipstick Conveyors handle both abrasive industrial minerals as well as sensitive foods. The air swept , vibratory separators sort particles by density and size, easily sorting seed mixes, or stones from corn kernels. Be sure to catch their videos on their web site.
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